Find My Android Phone

[Updated] “How to find my stolen or lost Android phone? is one of the basic question asked by android users. It is one of the most used operating system in the world. More than 80% of the phones have Android operating system. If you ever purchased an android mobile then you must know how to track android phone if you ever lost it. We lose phone all the time in our house, at office and other places too. Number of phones get stolen every other day. If you don’t know how to retrieve or trace your phone then you will never get it back. We keep searching “where is my phone” or “find my phone” on Google but can’t track. There are always basic steps of security whenever you purchase a digital item specially phones and laptops.

There are some official ways of finding android phone and you can use some apps from Google play. These apps must be already installed. You also need to have internet connection. Nothing can be done if you don’t have a working internet connection on your phone at the time of losing it. In order to perform remote functions on your mobile, internet is must. Location history can also be tracked using these apps. If you follow below basic instructions or if you have already followed this after purchase then you can track android phone using app or on the web.

Android phone can be tracked without tracking app and with tracking app as well. As you may already be knowing that Android is an operating system by Google. Google has provided an official way of finding your mobile using official website known as Android Device Manager. You can perform number of functions using ADM.

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Find Your Phone Using Android Device Manager

It is the official tool for finding and tracking your mobile. ADM is the central location for finding all your Android device. You can track phones and tablets. You can track every tablet that have customized android too. It will show the location of your device on the map. It will also help you ring, send a message or erase your personal data from a remote location.You can also use location history feature of Google maps separately to see pas locations of your mobile. 

android device manager app track

Basically there are two ways you can use Android Device Manager to find device:

  1. Use official Android Device Manager App from Google Play
  2. Use ADM Website

Android Device Manager App – You can download the android device manager app from Google play. You will be able to see 2 modes when you open the application on your device. One of the options will ask for signin using your Google account and another one will ask to sign in as Guest. If you are using multiple Google accounts on your device then signin using one of them. Make sure you remember this account all the time. Once you lost your mobile then Google will ask for the same account through which you signed into app. It will help you locate the device on a map. If you forget the account then ADM app will be of no help to you.

android device manager app

You can perform mainly 3 function remotely on your device using Android Device Manager:

  1. Ring 
  2. Lock 
  3. Erase all the data

Above 3 functions are same for website too. You can ring,lock and erase your phone using the website. Google is going to introduce more features in coming days.

Suppose you lost your phone in your office then you can immediately signin to Android device manager app on your friends phone and lock your device so that whoever finds it won’t be able to use it. You can then use the ring option to locate. The best part about the RING option is that it will ring your phone in full volume even if it is on silent or vibration mode. It will override those settings to let you find your android phone. ADM mainly works on Google Maps Location. Location history of android phone can be checked using Google maps.

How to use the ERASE option – If you are pretty sure that somebody stole your it and you can’t get it back then erase option can help you in deleting everything on your phone. We use to have private pictures, videos, email, chats and many more thing on our device. If someone gets access to all that information they can basically ruin our life. To stop that from happening all you need to do is click on Erase from 3 options.

If someone stole it then certainly your device will be offline at that point of time. Google sets a push notification for erase so whenever your device comes online then erase option will activate. It will shut down the device and erase everything completely on your android phone.

Using Android Device Manager Website

You can use ADM website to login and track your device. It’s the official website from Google to track down all your android devices including tablets,laptops and watches having android operating system. However you should keep in mind that you must be logged in to devices with the same Google Account. If you never logged in using Google account to the device that you want to track then it will not be possible using this method to locate your android phone.

Website offers same options as app. You can erase, lock or ring your device. You can see the approximate location on the map as well. It’s really helpful if you don’t have another device nearby you to track your phone. Simply open the website on your laptop and sign in to android device manager website. Choose your android device and do the desired option.

Track Using Google Play Apps

There are number of apps available on Google play store. These apps can help you track your phone. Some of these locator apps have very advanced functions. These apps can send you SMS of many activities performed on your phone such as changing of SIM, clicking of photo. You can even remotely click photos using few of these apps, record sound which can be sent back to you. It will help you identify the thief if it’s stolen. Other normal functions that are provided by Google are available as well.

Below I am going to mention few apps that will help you out.

1. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is one of the best apps to track down your phone and perform number of operations remotely. Free and paid both versions are available. If you purchase the app which is just $3.99 then you can use all the pro features such as remote wiping, app icon hiding, prevent uninstallation of app and ability to use landline. Free version will provide you with features like locking your phone, location on the map etc… You can use this app instead of searching find my phone on Google. Simply install it and explore all the features.

where's my droid android tracker app


2. Cerberus

Cerberus is one of the oldest tracking app available on Google play. It has a lot of features. People have a trust over this app from a long time. It’s one of the most recommended app from many technical people to track down your phone and tablets. Here are some of the features of cerberus app:

  • Lock
  • Reset
  • Message display on phone screen
  • Sounding alarms
  • Access to front camera
  • Remote audio recording
  • Prevent uninstallation
  • Hiding app icon

cerberus tracker app

There are many more features that you can use along these ones. You should definitely consider this app to locate your phone. It’s a free app with in app purchases.

3. Prey Anti-Theft

Prey Anti-theft is also one of the good apps used by many people. It’s working out for many people with its simple features. Just like ADM options of erasing, locking and sounding alarms, it provide the same thing with few more options. You can click pictures using the cam and gather network information to know about the location of your phone which is really helpful. It’s a really good app to eliminate your question of asking where is my phone.

Prey Anti-theft app

4. Family Locator

Family locator is one of the simplest app to find your mobile. However it’s not advanced as other apps. It’s functionality is also different. It lets your connect your family members on the app. You can see the smartphone of your family member on your device using this app. Now suppose one of you lost your smartphone then you can easily check the location using Family locator app on one of your siblings or parents mobile. It really helps and people are liking it. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Family Locator app

5. Lookout (Android, iOS)

Lookout is available for both android phones and iOS devices. It offers a number of features just like other apps. You can see the location on the map, sound an alarm, send a message so that person having your phone can read it, lock the phone remotely. You can also take backup of your contacts. It also has a feature called “Signal Flare” which saves and send your phone’s location whenever your battery is about to finish. This is very helpful. If there is no battery then you can’t track any android or iOS device using any app. Using signal flare you can get an idea where your phone might be.

lookout android tracker

6. Android Lost

Android lost is not one of the top apps to prefer but it can really help you out. It’s a free app and you can get more features by using in app purchases. It’s a lightweight mobile finder application which provides a number of features such as remote control, device monitoring, SMS using a web interface. Below are few more features of this free app:

  • Audio alarm
  • Vibrate mode
  • Device location log
  • Lock/unlock phone remotely
  • Take photos remotely
  • Content browser
  • Remote shutdown and reboot.

android lost find

You can give it a try for few days and take a trial. Use other apps above so that you will be able to figure out which one is working perfectly for you. Questions such as where is my phone and find my phone will be eliminated by using this app and you will live tension free.

7. Avast Anti-theft

Avast is very well known for its security features. Avast also provides antivirus and internet security software which are used by millions of people around the globe. You can trust this app from avast as they are experts in such things. Call forwarding, device management, alarm trigger, custom lockscreen, wiping data and geofencing are some of its features. It’s available for free and you can upgrade it for few bucks to get more advanced features.

avast track android

8. SeekDroid

Seekdroid provides a very good number of functionalities. It’s a paid app which is available at $0.99 on Google play. You can login to seekdroid website and can access a number of features remotely. You will never have to ask where is my phone question again if this app is installed. Below are some of the features being offered by Seekdroid app:

  • Locate
  • Enable GPS remotely
  • Location on the map
  • Sound alarm
  • Custom message
  • Lock Device
  • Retrieval of recent calls
  • Remotely wipe entire phone along with SD card
  • Prevent uninstallation of app and hide it
  • It works without SIM card
  • It can also retrieve SIM ID, IMEI number and few other things

seekdroid android find

Hopefully above methods and apps will help you out in securing, protecting and locating your devices. Google gives you direct options for ADM website whenever you search find my phone or where is my phone. If you lost your phone few hours back simply check the location history to find it immediately. Basically you have see our method 1 as how to work around ADM website. You can also find android mobile using find my mobile samsung for samsung, without internet using google maps, find android using dead battery.