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Forgot Password of Apple Id?

We often forget our password of our Gmail account, facebook account, apple id or password but there are many solutions available to recover or reset password. If you are using apple phone and you have forgotten your apple id password then there many solution available to get back your password or reset your password. When you are starting to use apple’s iphone, mac book or ipad then you have to enter apple id and password.  You need your apple id and password when you want to shopping from iTune store, sign in to icloud, buying an app and more.

So you have forgotten your password of your apple id. If you want to reset your password of your apple id then you have to know the email address of your apple id. Now follow the following action.

how to reset password

Reset your password of your apple id

If you want to reset your apple id or password then please follow the following steps.

  • First of all, go to apple id page.
  • Enter your apple id.
  • Now click on forgot password.
  • Now you can reset your password depending on security features.
  • If your account uses security question then you have to answer security question.
  • If you set up two factor authentication then it is different feature.

By Answering Security Questions –

answer security question

This is very easy step to reset your apple Id password. If you know the answer of all security questions then answer and reset password. It very easy steps but everyone does not remember the answer of security question. They can follow the next step to reset password of apple id.

By Get a Gmail –

This is also very easy step to reset password of apple id. If you choose get a Gmail then you will receive a password on your primary or rescue email address. If you did not get a Gmail then go to following link did not get email. If this method did not work for you then try next steps.

Get a email of apple id

By using two-factor authentication –

Two-factor authentication is very easy steps to reset your apple id password. If you have enabled two factor to reset your password then you can reset or change your password by any apple product as – iphone, mac book, ipad or ipod touch or by searching You can change or reset by any trusted apple phone (in which passcode has been enabled).

First of all you have to go After going to this website enter your apple id and follow the following step to reset your apple id password.

  • Enter your trusted phone number.
  • Now choose how you want to reset your password.
  • Now click on continue. It is depending on which option you select, there will be different steps.
  • You have to wait till notification come on your trusted device.
  • To reset password follow the steps which come on your phones screen then tap allow.

You can reset your password by using trusted apple device.

  1. You have to go to setting > icloud
  2. Then you have to tap your name.
  3. Now you have to tap on password and security.
  4. Now tap on change password.
  5. Enter new password.

If you have not any trusted device to reset your password then you can still reset your password. You can regain your account by account recovery. Account recovery is made for getting back your account as soon as possible. It may take few days or longer depending on account information that is provided by you.

By using two steps verification –

If you have set up two step verification then you will need a recovery key and trusted device to reset device. Now if you have recovery key and trusted apple device. You have to follow the following steps.

Recovery key of apple id

  1. Go on
  2. Now enter recovery key.
  3. Now choose trusted device on which we will send verification code.
  4. Enter the verification code in box.
  5. Now set a new code for your device and learn it by heart and never forget.

new passsword

After losing your recovery password permanently, you can never change or reset your password of your apple device.

Last word for you –

These are the simple steps to reset your apple id password after forgetting it. After resetting your password of your apple Iphone or ipad and macbook, you have to update your password in apple service and on your device. These are very simple steps to reset password of apples device. If you still having problem to reset your password then check your apple id perhaps it will wrong. In many cases, your apple id is also preliminary email address of your account. If these tricks of reset password are not helping you then you have to contact apple support. If there is any problems related to this post then please comment in comment box. It is our pleasure to have your suggestion. ‘Thank you’