How To Track A Lost Android Phone With A Dead Battery?

Cell phones especially android phones are considered as the vital part of everybody’s life as these smart phones contain important personal data and these phones are thus known to be the major financial investments in the modern era as human life is too dependent on these devices. Due to these factors, it becomes really frustrating and depressing experience if one could not find one’s phone and the worst part is that if your phone gets misplaced when its battery was dead. So this article has been compiled to guide such people who had gone through such bitter experience and will be helpful to locate android in case the battery is dead. 

Simple steps to track android phone:

It is very advantageous that most of the android phones are provided with some special features to track that specific phone in case when it gets misplaced.

  • There are some android phones that are featured with serial numbers and these numbers are provided by the authorities or companies of the android phone in order to help their clients to track android phone when it is lost.
  • Some phones have features of operating system for example, Android Device Manager or Find My iPhone. These operating systems may help you trace your last location and will help you to set future notifications accordingly.
  • After you come to know that you have lost your phone you should start searching it immediately this will reduce the chances that someone else had found your phone and shifted it to another location and your personal information is at threat or insecure.

Trace lost android phones by using Apps:

As compared to other phones, android phones are always expensive so it is really a fact of disappointment and depression when one gets one’s android phone misplaced or lost. The first and foremost duty is to find android phone that you have lost while the battery was dead. Luckily, there are a number of applications in the android phones that can help in tracing your lost phone. Another plus point of these applications is that these are free to download.  Below are discussed two such apps that will help you Track android phone when it is found switch off due to dead battery.

App 1: Where’s My Droid

This app can help you if you have lost your android phone within audible range like if you have placed it in your jacket’s pocket or forgot it under the couch. You have to follow some simple rules in order to find android phone by installing that specific app. This app will help you when you send special code by texting on your phone. By doing so your phone will ring at the highest volume until you find it. This special app has the advantage that it can text your phone’s GPS location and can link it on Google Maps.

  • Visit your android phone’s Android Market and download then install Where’s My Droid application from it. Another way of downloading such app is by scanning barcode with the help of Barcode Scanner app
  • You have to change the default settings to “secret message” and then your phone’s alarm will be set. No one can approach your phone until they know these default settings. So be careful in this regard.
  • Open the recently installed app and change Attention word GPS and Attention word. Then you have to change the duration of alert alarm that how long should it ring after being activated in this menu.
  • Make sure that for GPS feature there should be GPS activated on your phone.

App 2: Mobile defense

This app is helpful to locate android if it is lost in the public place. This app may also help you to find your android if it has stolen. You can instantly track your android with the help of Mobile Defense by using its GPS on any browser. Follow these steps for better working of the app.

  • Download and install Mobile Defense from mobile market on your android. You have to complete a registration procedure briefly for installation of Mobile Defense.
  • This app will work silently in the background and no one will ever know that it has been working.
  • In case you have lost your phone go to online dashboard of Mobile Defense and log in from your account. On the right side of your android screen, phones that are connected to your android will appear. Click on it to start your Mobile Defense app working.

All these techniques can help you find your lost Android mobile phone easily even if its battery is dead. You can verify these methods by just turning your mobile phone off and then locating it through these methods.

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