How to Find Android Phone Using Google Maps

It happens to almost everybody; that moment you will look but you won’t see your phone, you may have lost it or misplaced it. Sometimes you will forget it in a car or at a friend’s house. If this should happen to you some years back, you may not have any means to recover your phone. Fortunately, today, it is very possible to find or track your android phone using Google Maps. This feature allows you to easily track your phone from the comfort of your couch instead of searching everywhere frantically when your android phone goes missing.

What should you do if your android phone is missing? When you discover your phone is missing, there is absolutely no need to worry; with the help of Google maps, you can be able to recover your phone easily. So take a good cup of coffee and read on as this trick will reveal how to easily track your android phone using Google maps.

What’s Google Maps?

Google maps allow you to see different location using your smartphone. In fact, it is one of the most advanced and correct map on the internet.  When your android phone is missing, you can simply log into this map and try and locate your phone. Google makes use of maps location history to try and locate your phone. The only downside is that it does not show the exact location but at least you will know the location of your phone.

Google Maps

When you use Google maps, your phone can be anywhere within few meters of the location shown on the maps. This is indeed very helpful, let’s say you forgot your phone is school area. Google maps will be able to let you know you forgot your phone in school area.

What You Need For this To Work

Note that you need to put certain things in place before you can be able to use Google maps to track or find your missing android phone. We are going to list some of the things you need for this process to work:

  1. Your phone must be connected to the internet
  2. You must have a device with internet access to help locate your phone
  3. You must ensure that location reporting and history features are enabled in Google app settings on your device

Note: You may not be able to find your phone if you do not meet up to all the requirements listed above.

How To Locate Your Phone With Google Maps

Now, that you are sure you have the entire requirements, you can now go ahead and try to locate your phone.

You are going to track your phone using “Android Device Manager” to see the history of where your phone has been recently.

google maps location

Follow these steps below to locate your android phone with Google map;

Step 1

Use your PC or device with internet connectivity and log on to Google Maps Location History Website. You will need to use the same Google Account details as the one you have on your missing android phone.

Step 2

Once you’ve successfully logged in, click on today’s date, you can as well choose a date from the one the calendar provided by default.

Step 3

Click “Show Timestamps”

google maps timestamps

Clicking on this link will show you various locations of your android smartphone from previous days. To see your latest location, click on “Latest Timestamp” to see the last available location of your phone on the map.

In a situation where there is no available location history for that particular date, Google will show you a message such as “You have no location history for September 08, 2016”.

With some luck, you will be able to see your phone’s last location especially if your phone is connected to the internet and you have location reporting history still turned on.

You can use above method to find any android mobile made by manufacturers such as Samsung, Micromax, Karbonn, HTC, LG so on. You can also use samsung find my mobile app to find samsung phones. In that case, you don’t have to use google location history. Find My Mobile app will directly show you the location if the phone is connected to the internet. Android phones with dead battery or without internet can also be tracked using this method. It will show you the last location where your phone was connected to the internet. You can then make an idea about the android location history to find your mobile. You can also find android mobile without using apps


Google Maps is a very interesting app to locate your android phone when it goes missing. However, you must decide if you want to keep your location feature on at all times. Most people don’t like turning on location reporting feature on their phone on. But if you use Google products regularly on your phone, this feature may certainly come in handy.

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