How to Clean Google Search History

Nowadays we use Google search engine to search many information as-we search many information about our health or many personal matter on Google and we do not want to share with anyone. We want to show our personal matter or private search to anyone. So we want to delete our Google search. We have given below some tips and tricks for clear Google search history. Actually we can delete it from our search history but if we add our Google account with our mobile phone then Google will automatically save our search history in our Google account email.

So today we are telling you that how to clear Google search history. It is very important to clear our personal searches because anyone can see or personal history. Clearing your browsing history is different things because when you clear your browsing history then you have only cleared the history which is locally stored in your computer. So you have to learn how to delete or clear all browsing history permanently from your computer. We have given some steps which will help you to Google search history.

How to clear Google Search history


How to Clear Google Search history Permanently:- 

How to clear Google search History

  1. First open your browser by which you use search daily.
  2. Now connect your browser from your Google account.
  3. Now go to  Google’s Web History/Activity page.

Now there will be many options available on read the option. You will also delete google search history or delete activity by. Click on that option. You will be asked to choose date means you can delete you Google search history period wise. So choose time from there and delete your history.

How to Clear Individual Items form Google Search history:-

How to clear Google search history

You can delete Google search history individual means you can delete only your private search. I have given few steps to clear Google search history individually.

How to clear Google search history

So this is the way to delete your Google search history individually. If you do not want to show anyone that you have delete all history then you can select this way to clear your Google search history.

How to Delete Entire Google search History:- 

If you want to delete your all Google search History then we have provided few more steps to delete it. Follow the given steps and you can clear all Google search history.


  • Now open the browser which you daily use.
  • Connect your account with your browser.
  • Now open Google’s Web Activity page .
  • Now click on the option of delete Activity by.
  • Now select all Items under date option.
  • Now select All Item under product option.
  • Click on Delete option.
  • Wait few second. After few second your Google search history will be deleted by Google.

After following the above steps your Google history will be deleted entirely. If you want to delete all Google search history then choose the steps which is given above.

How to Stop Google to track your search history:-

If you want to to Google to track your search history then follow the given steps and stop Google to track your search history. You can turn off your search history.

How to Stop Google to track your browsing history

  • Go to Google’s Web Activity page.
  • Now you have to click on Activity controls from the left menu.
  • Now you will see web & activity.
  • If you want to turn off tracking then drag left the slider to stop.
  • When you drag left to slider then a prompt come on your screen. In prompt you have to choose pause to stop Google to track your search history.

Now you have successfully turn off your web & Activity and also you have stop Google to track your browsing history. So this the way to clear your Google search history permanently. If you want to hide any search from any one then you can turn your browser in incognito mode. If you search in incognito mode then your searching history will not come in your browser history. If you have any problem in clearing Google search history then please mention in comment box.



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