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How to Find Android Version of Your Phone

Do you know which version of Android is running in your device? If you do not know then you can find it out by yourself by following simple steps. First phrase which will come in your mind “how and what is the requirement to know android version.”  It is very important to know about android version of your mobile because if you know this you can upgrade your mobile to latest version and you can enjoy the latest version features which are updated by Android team. So if you want to know about which version is running in your device, you have to read the following instructions. It is very easy to know about your android version after these simple steps.

Just follow the steps and know about the running android version in your Samsung galaxy mobile or any other android mobile.

  1. First of all you have to unlock your phone.
  2. Touch the menu icon.
  3. You will see setting icon there.
  4. Click on setting icon.
  5. There will be many options as- connections, your device, accounts, and “more”.
  6. Click on more.
  7. You have to scroll down.
  8. You will see about device there.
  9. Click on about device option.
  10. Scroll down you will see many option as – model number, android version, baseband version, kernel version, build number.
  11. Check Android version option or tap on android version two or three times.

Now you will be able to see Android version of your phone. You can upgrade Android version of your mobile by following few simple steps. It will help you get more features and support from the Android team. You can check android version on Samsung, Micromax, HTC, Karbonn, LG or any other device running Android version. Always be updated to the latest version of Android.

Find Android version

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You can see the version of your mobile to follow the following steps. This method can be apply in Samsung galaxy J7, Samsung galaxy J7 pro, Samsung Z2, Samsung galaxy, Samsung galaxy j2, Samsung galaxy note 3, Samsung galaxy Grand prime, Samsung galaxy A, Samsung galaxy s 19100, Samsung galaxy E7, Samsung galaxy note 5, Samsung galaxy note 4, Samsung galaxy core, micromax unite, Micromax canvas and so on.

If you are lucky then you can find Android devices without internet as well. You simply need to follow instructions as how to use Google maps to track locations and find approximate nearest location of your mobile.