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Where is My Phone?

How To Find Your Missing Android Device

There comes a time when you’ll lost track of your phone, it happens to everybody no matter how cautious you are with your devices. Most people are attached to their phone, it goes with them everywhere they go, but there comes a point in time when you will fail to remember where last you kept your phone – It may be at friend’s party, while in the bus or at your home.

Luckily, nowadays, it is easy to find your missing android devices. There are lot of apps, softwares and programs that allow you to track down the location of your smartphone. So next time you lost your phone, there is no need to panic as far as you have implemented the instructions in this article, you will easily find your missing Android phone.

Alright, enough with the talk, let’s show you various ways you can use to find your missing Android phone.

1. Find Your Phone Using Google’s Android Device Manager

Don’t burst into tears yet if you lost your Android device, you can still use Android Device Manager to track down your phone.

But before you do, you need to make sure that your device is connected with your Google account, it has access to the internet, and your Android Device Manager is turned on.

To find your missing Android phone using this method, simply log on to Android Device Manager from a computer or another browser with your Google account. Once the site finished loading, it will reveal the location of your device. If you have registered several Android devices, ensure to choose the right one.

You can as well type “Where is my phone” on Google search engine while logged on with your Google account; the search engine will quickly display the location of any registered Android device in the search results. This is an easier and more convenient way of locating your phone, although it lacks some features you will see in ADM.

2. Use Google Timeline To Find Your Phone

Google Timeline, previously known as Google Maps Location History is another option that lets you know the location of your missing Android device. The timeline helps you to keep track of the places you visited with their names.

To use this option, you need to ensure that your device is connected with your Google account, it has access to the internet and Location Reporting and Location History are activated on your device.

Google Timeline doesn’t just find your phone, it also tells you past travel routes or where your phone has been before. Google uses your GPS, cell tower IDS and Wi-Fi location detection to collect location data. The accuracy of the result can sometimes vary.

To find your phone using this feature, log on to Google Timeline with your Google account, select the current day in the calendar. From the left sidebar, you will a complete timeline of that day with the names of all recorded locations. You can as well see the locations visualized on a map on the right side.

Even if your phone battery has died, you might be lucky to see that Google actually recorded its current location before the battery died, which means you can find your phone using the last reported position in your location history.

3.  Track Down Your Phone With Samsung’s Find My Mobile

This app helps Samsung users to easily track down the location of their missing device using an app known as “Find my mobile”.

To find your phone with this feature, you need to ensure your device has access to the internet, you registered your device on your Samsung account, and you’ve already set up (enable remote control) “Find My Mobile” app on your phone.

If you’ve registered your device before losing your phone, all you need to do to find your phone now is to sign in to the “Find My Mobile” website. In the left sidebar of the website, you will know whether your device is connected to your account or not. If your device is connected, all you need to do is to select “locate my device” in the sidebar. Once you click on the button, the website will show you all the approximated location of your device.

Find My Mobile app also let you ring your phone remotely if you feel your phone is closer to you. You can as well use it to display a message on the screen or wipe its data if you think you can’t recover it again.

4. Use Dropbox To Know Who Stole Your Phone

Dropbox is awesome if you want to know who stole your phone. What it does is that it uploads the pictures of whoever stole your phone to your Dropbox account, you can recognize the person or use the authorities to know the person and recover your phone. You can easily track android phone using dropbox.

Now, for this feature to work on your Android phone, you need to ensure that your download Dropbox on your Android device, your device needs to have access to the internet, you activated the “camera upload” feature in your Dropbox app and someone (person who stole your phone) needs to take pictures with your lost device.

Anytime the person snap a picture or took a selfie, it will be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account, you can use the pictures of the thief to locate your phone.


You should bear in mind that your phone may get lost one day no matter how careful you are. Hence, it is better to be prepared. I always advice that you install a tracking device on your phone before you lose it. Almost all the tracking apps are free, they won’t cost you a cent and you won’t even know they are there until you lost your phone. Another thing to do is to activate your Android Device Manager and Location History on your phone. These tools are important and you will find them extremely useful whenever you are looking for your phone.