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How to Find My Samsung Phone

If you have ever lost your Samsung android mobile, then there is some good news for you. You do not need to worry about your new android mobile. You can get your mobile back if you follow certain methods. When we lost our mobile, we lost our contact number and our private documents etc. Now you can get your mobile or perform certain functions such as deleting your private things from a remote location. You have to follow some steps only for this to happen.

You can find your mobile by using Samsung’s “Find My Mobile” application or using android device manager and no. of other 3rd party apps. Let’s have a look on all these options that can ensure safety of your device.

  1. Android Device manager

To track your lost device by using Google’s android device manager. There are few requirements to find your android device back:

  1. Your device has to connect with your Google account.
  2. Your device has access to internet.
  3. Your device has to allow locating. This can changed in the Google setting app.
  4. Allowed ADM to lock your device and erase its data.

There is a question – What is Android Device Manager (ADM). Android device manager is a Google’s official and easy to use to track your mobile or device. There is no need to install any app to find your mobile. There are only few requirements your device have to connect with Google account, turned on and connected to the internet. You have to log in to your Google account while going to Google android device manager. It will be automatically track, when the site is loaded. You have to choose right android registered from dropdown menu.

Android Device manager

Google has implemented some of ADM’s features into their search result, in recent update. Now you can easily able to quick locate your registered device. Use search phase “where is my phone?” You will see a little map above the search result in which it will try to find your phone. Once it found, you can ring your phone by clicking ‘Ring’ at the bottom left. Although this make it more convenient to find your mobile. It won’t offer you all the options you get with full version of Google android device manager.

You’re able to track your device by using ADM’s let your phone ring and also wipe your personal data (which has to be enabled manual). Besides that there is no offer to remote control your phone. Perhaps google is keeps improving it and introduces more helpful features, such as taking picture in case it got stolen and you want to take snapshot of the person who took it. You can also do it by android mobile. Instead of using the mobile browser, you can also use android device manager app. If you have other phone you can download android device manager from Google’s play store. Now you will able to track your mobile phone and wipe its data or personal information.

If you not able to track your mobile, there are several reasons for it. The one is that your device is not connected to the internet or your device is switch off. In this case you have to keep trying until your device connected to the internet or turn on.

If your device is got stolen it, should be happened that the thief has disconnected your device from your Google account. If the thief has disconnected your device from your Google, neither android device manager nor any other tracking tools will be able to track your device. It is necessary to logged in to your Google account.

2. Find your device by remote control with Android Lost

Update – Due to android API updates, android lost can be activate remotely on device running android 3.0 or higher.

Here are also few requirements:

  • Your device has to be connected with your Google account.
  • Your device has access to the internet.
  • You are not running 3.0 or higher.

This is more complicated way to track your device. There is one more requirement, you need to install tracking app on your phone. You have to install tracking app ‘android lost’ to your device and activate it by sending it an SMS (this can done by any mobile phone). Now you are thinking that “how do you install an app when you do not have your phone with you?”  It is very easy.

Android lost

You can easily install any app on your registered devices directly from your browser through the Google play website. You have to navigate to android lost app and click the install button. It will be automatically install to your device. There is only one requirement that your device have to connect with internet and your device connected to your Google account. If your device has stolen, you have to hope that the thief does not remove your Google account.

Now you have to follow the steps –

Step 1: Install android lost remotely

Now start installation of android lost app by the browser through the Google play website. It will install on your phone remotely. As above mention, your phone still needs to be connected to your Google account. If your device is not connected with your Google account, It won’t work.

Step 2: Activate android lost (not working on android 3.0 or higher).

If you are still in the process of your Smartphone or tablet then all your need to do is starting the app. So to register your device remotely, send an SMS with the text “android lost register” to your phone. It can be sent by any phone.  Now your device has registered. Now here are new steps.

Steps 3: Log in to the android lost website –

When you visit the android lost website then you have to sign in using your Google account. After doing that you can remote control features such as – 1.you can read your latest sms.2.  You can force your phone to ring with your fleshing screen.3 you can get the location of your device. 4. You can lock your phone or unlock your phone. 5. You can wipe your personal data and other things.6. you can remove your sd card.7.  You can use your camera to make picture to get a nice shot a person who took youe phone.

Note the process can take few minutes –

Android lost is a great tool to get your phone back.

Android lost is a great tool to get your phone back. If once you click the button to install the app, it will automatically install and can find your phone. You can ring your phone. You can wipe your private data. You can unlock or lock your phone. It will very good app to track your phone. If the internet access in your device and your device also be connected with your Google account. My friend has also my find his mobile by using this app.

3. By using Google map location history to track your lost android phone—

find android google location history


  • Your device has to be connected to the internet.
  • Your device has to be connected with your Google account.
  • Location reporting and location history need to be activated on your device.

Google has updated Google map to track device and find the place, you want to visit. Now you can also see where your device is locating.  Now Google had added more feature to track, find the place and your device location. Google has giving to a new name ‘Your timeline’.

This is not like android device manager that locate your phone. It will only tell you that where did you visit in past. You can also find destination place where you want to go. We will tell how to find you lost phone by using Google map. Now Google has change its name into your time line.

So the only things you require that your device have to connect with Google account. Here is what you need to do. Go to your timeline ( former  Google map location history).  You have to be accurate your calendar by current date.  Now you will see on left side bar, your complete timeline on of that day including the location you visit of that day. There will also your recorded history.  And on the right side you can see all the visualize location on your map. Your timeline only uses two networks to locate your location 1. Tower id  2. Wi-Fi location detection. This means that the accuracy can vary significantly.

You can also find your mobile location while your mobile is switched off. Before your phone has died, Google might have saved its current location. This means you can find you phone by using Google map.

4. Find your phone by using ‘Find My Mobile” app.

find my mobile samsung

Requirements –

  1. your device has to be connected to the internet.
  2. You need to be have a Samsung account and you have to registered on it.
  3. Find my mobile needs to be set up on your Samsung phone (enabling remote control

If you have a Samsung mobile and you have register your phone on it. Then you can find your phone by using the samsung’s find my mobile app. IF you have registered on Samsung account, follow the following steps—

  • Sign in on the find my mobile website.
  • Check the left side and make sure that your device still connected with your Samsung account.
  • If your  Samsung mobile is still connected to the Samsung account, click to the left side bar and select locate my device.
  • If your device is online and remote control is enabled. You can see your mobile location.
  • So you can locate your device, ring your phone and also lock or unlock your phone by using this device.

5. Find your stolen phone by Samsung Drop box


Requirements –

  1. Your device has to access to the internet.
  2. Activated camera upload in your drop box app.
  3. Someone needs to take picture by your lost device.

Now here is only one hope to find your mobile drop box. Drop box need to be installed in your phone and camera uploaded needs to be activated. This way every time the thief takes his photo it automatically uploaded in your drop box. So you can see the picture of thief and identify him. There are many app available on Google play store. To the help of these app. You can find your phone back. 

Here are Five most helpful apps to find your mobile Phone:

1. Family locator

Price- free with in app purchase

Family locator by life 360 does exactly what the app name says it does. It allows you to create a collective with your family. Your family can know where you are. This will also help to track your lost mobile. You will be able to use the app to find your lost mobile. Since this is more of an app that finds person rather than a Smartphone. It is also a useful app for parents.

2. Cerberus

find android cereberus

Price- free with in app purchase

Cerberus has long been the name people think of when it comes to anti-theft applications. It has a diverse set of features that includes locking and resetting your phone, sounding alarms, displaying messages on screen for thieves to read, and it even has access to the front facing camera so you can take a picture of the thief. You can also hide Cerberus from the app drawer so people don’t suspect that it’s there, remote shell into your device, and record audio from the mic. It’s powerful and it’s an app everyone should think about getting.

3. Prey anti theft 

PPrey is an app that’s been around for a while that many people trust. It’s entire purpose is to help you find your phone if it goes missing but is more lightweight than something like Cerberus. It has the basic features like finding your phone, locking your device, and setting off an alarm. You’ll also be able to take pictures to see where your device may be and gather network information to see where your device has been. It seems to work for most people and that’s what really matters.

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