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How to track android phone using google map

Normally google map is knowing for finding way or place. By the help of Google map, you can find your destination means the place where you want to visit. Do you know that you can also find your lost phone by using Google map location history. If you want know your lost phone location then you can use google map to find your lost phone location easily. Google map has facility that it will show  your lost android phone’s location. Google map will try to track your location but there are few requirement. If your lost or misplaced device or mobile will fulfill the requirement then you can track your lost android phone location by using Google map.

Now the requirement is given below so you have to be sure that your lost android phone can fulfill all the requirement that have given below. I am also going to tell you you how to find lost android phone by using google map. First you have to know the requirement which are given below.

How to find lost phone by using Google phone


  • Your lost android phone must be connected to your Google account.
  • Your lost android phone must be connected to internet.
  • Your lost android mobile must be switch on.
  • Access location must be enabled and also location history and location reporting must be enable.

So if you are sure for this then you can find your lost android phone easily. It is very necessary that your phone must be switch on because If your phone is  switch off then you can not find your phone and also your phone must be connected to your Google account because if you do not connect your lost phone  to your google account then you can not be able to track lost android phone location and the last things that access location, location history and location reporting must be enabled because If you did not enable then Google map can not able to show your lost mobile’s location. Now If you are sure that your lost phone can fulfill all above given requirement then have to follow the following steps correctly.

How to track my lost phone by using Google phone

Process to find lost android phone by Using google map:- Normally Google map location history is used for locating your lost phone. Follow the given steps and find your phone easily.

  • First Switch on  your laptop.
  • Now open Google chrome.
  • Log in your gmail account in Google chrome. You have to log in with same account through which you have signed in your lost mobile phone.
  • Now go to official Google Maps Location History Website.
  • Choose today’s date.
  • Now click on “Show stamps”.
  • Now you can see your different location of your mobile.
  • From there you can see your lost mobile’s last location.

Once you see your mobile’s last location then go and find there if any thief is not steal your phone then you will find your phone surely. It’s very important to try repeatedly to find your phone by using Google map. If you have any suggestion or any problem in finding your lost phone then please comment below in comment box.